0121 502 7946 / 0121 556 9933 sales@vendaid.co.ukStafford Street, Wednesbury, WS10 7JX
0121 502 7946 / 0121 556 9933 sales@vendaid.co.ukStafford Street, Wednesbury, WS10 7JX

Snack Merchandiser

    Merchant MEDIA Touch

  • Flexible shelf configurations with an interactive touch screen & ‘SureVend’ technology, supporting multi-vend capability.
  • Customisable graphics to attract customers and is built to be disability height compliant, also available in a keypad.
  • This machine is temperature controlled with a temperature ranging from 0 – ambient.



   Melodia Classic

  • The Melodia Classic is an ideal vending solution for small to medium spaces.
  • A new generation S&F unit, its advanced insulation and cooling system means that it has achieved an A++ energy rating.
  • All while, demonstrating the versatility of the Classic, two individual temperatures can be set within the cell.
  • Complete offer of products from non alimentary goods to fresh food Optimized space inside the cell for an optimized product capacity High efficiency cooling unit for low energy consumption
  • Elegant black / silver aesthetics with modern and uncluttered lines Capacitive numeric keyboard lit by LED Led lighting of the internal part of the cell
  • 16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom Large graphical display 188 x 64 pixel Possibility to set up to three temperatures inside the cell Easy management of the machine set up through GIGA Master Slave connection





  • Necta’s passion for smart vending solutions has led to the development of TANGO, the brand new Snack vendor, which will charm you with its flexible allure.
  • Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products: from snacks and confectionery, to cans and bottles – or a combination of all four.
  • Simple design and excellent performance combine in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations.





  • JAZZ from Necta allows a complete refreshment service to be offered to smaller sites where space is limited, thanks to its compact footprint.
  • Jazz offers a fantastic selection of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles. Alternatively snack only or can and bottle models are available.
  • To ensure client satisfaction, the Jazz also has a sensor in the delivery area which detects if a product has actually been vended. Alone or banked with Opera, Jazz is the ideal machine for today’s demanding vending marketplace.
  • Uncluttered silver/black design with a LED lit window.
  • Capacitive numeric keyboard for product selection.
  • Anti vandalism coin introduction.
  • Ergonomic delivery bin


  • The Palma is designed with an attractive, toughened glass front, transparent sections to improve product visibility and excellent lighting a kind of large shop windows.
  • Prepared to sell all types of products, whatever their presentation style, thanks to the adjustable shelves which allows you to modify the channel width. Besides there is an option to activate two motors at the same time.
  • The Palma avoids losses due to the iDetect vend system that increases satisfaction and reduces vandalism. In addition, the collection tray is designed to make accessing the product zone impossible.
  • The machine is virtually a safe, thanks to its case manufactured from galvanized steel, anti-leverage system, steel buttons and triple toughened glass front.